• Morning Drop-Off/Afternoon Pickup Instructions

    Beginning Tuesday, February 21, 2023

    Morning Drop-Off Instructions (have not changed)

    Afternoon Pick-up Instructions:

    As indicated on the map, you will enter through the high school parking lot, continue through the bottom parking lot, and up the hill to the elementary building. Once traffic backs up to the stage area (marked off by white posts) in the bottom parking lot, cars should then line up side by side in the stage area. As traffic begins to move, cars should alternate back to single file to either parking for 2K pick-up or continue up the hill for elementary pick-up.

    Cars that are picking up 2K, please park in the designated area that is roped off.  Do not block traffic. Once you have picked up your child, please file back into a single line which will run up the hill to the elementary pick up.  This will take you out and down the hill to exit by the playground back to Academy Drive.

    When entering the high school parking lot, please stay single file and stay right down the middle in case there are a few vehicles that are trying to get out of that parking lot.

    We are exploring this to see if it will help with traffic flow and the back-up that we have been experiencing in the afternoon. Remember, this is for afternoon pick up only. The morning drop offs will stay the same.

    map of elementary afternoon pickup directions